2018 Installations

Installation Program
Saturday, April 21st @ 3:00-5:00 PM
Sunday, April 22nd @ 1:00-3:00 PM
Above Company Brewing, 735 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212
The Open, 832 E Chambers St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

As if the color was looking at you dir. Sara Bonaventura – 2017, Midwest Premiere, 10 min. @ Company Brewing

Triptych version of a choreography performed by Annamaria Ajmone, processed with analog synth during a residency at Signal Culture. The video presents a body that has been triplicated and entangled in a network of exterior conditionings. The perceptual value of the same choreographic action changes as the color changes. “It is a multiplicity that is being bended and explained, and it is up to us and our ability to conceive it and to try explaining it” (Deleuze)

Cloud of Petals dir. Sarah Meyohas – 2016, 30 min. @ The Open

Rose petals cannot digitize themselves. At the site of the former Bell Labs, a gigantic hanger in the rural New Jersey farmland, sixteen workers gather to photograph 100,000 rose petals, one by one. Human hands must individually open the flower, pick the petal, place it under the lens, press the shutter, and upload the image to the cloud. The workers set aside one petal per rose that they consider most beautiful and put it in a press—preserving it as a physical artifact. From this trove of images, an artificial intelligence algorithm emerges, allowing for the creation of new, unique petals forever.

Shot on 16mm film, Cloud of Petals traces beauty and subjectivity within the systems of automation and artificial intelligence. Inside the static confines of the once-modern but now-shuttered Bell Labs, the place where the world’s brightest minds came together to invent the future, Sarah Meyohas has captured a haunting vision, punctuated by arresting visuals—at one point, a live python is let loose amid the piles of petals. And above all, it tracks the transformation of these most elemental markers of color—the bloomlets of flowers—into nothing but data, ones and zeros. The cloud of petals sprawled in the building eventually becomes a cloud of pixels.

Climbing dir. Jesse McLean – 2009, 6 min. @ Company Brewing

So many mountains to climb — climbing and climbing and climbing — and now we are seeing the colors of change. Grab hold and climb, climb, climb. Now — more than ever — it is time to implement the most profound changes internally. Our inner develops pari passu with our outer. Change or be changed. Participate in the glorious uphill climb of life. What is your mountain to climb? Find the mountain; climb that damn mountain.

“The real world is a thing of joy, a dance of life. It is a world in which no one finds it difficult to be a means of bringing happiness to others.” – Paul Foster Case ” (Andrew Rosinski, DINCA)