Jury Prizes and Honorable Mentions for the M.U.F.F. 2013!

Here they are:

2013 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival Results

Jury Prizes

$250 Them Oracles by Alee Peoples
$150 How to Quit Smoking at the Moon Hotel by Jessie Stead
$100 Ten Notes on a Summers Day by Mike Stoltz

Best local Piece: Theobromine by Moe McPhearson
Best Performance: Je Ne Sais Plus [What is this Feeling]  by Kristin Reeves
Best Installation: Tectonics by Peter Bo Rappamund

Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)

Strings of Colors by Sharan Mohanadoss
Football by Ana Husman
Hurty by Sonja Eklund
Workers Leaving the Googleplex by Andrew Norman Wilson
Eleven Forty Seven by Marika Borgeson
Wreading by Jesse Malmed
Pittsburgh by Ted Kennedy

Thanks for all of the fantastic work this year, filmmakers!