Shorts Program 3

SHORTS PROGRAM 3 – Friday April 21st

8pm – Grapefruit Studios (above Company Brewing)

735 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI


The Was  dir. Soda_Jerk

14 minutes, digital, 2016

‘The Was’ is a sample-based video for now, about the time before now. Part experimental film, part music video and concept album, ‘The Was’ is the collaborative meeting of Australian sample artists Soda_Jerk and The Avalanches. Constructed from over a hundred rotoscoped video samples, ‘The Was’ is a detour de force through the neighborhoods of collective memory.


Spotlight On A Brick Wall  dir. Alee Peoples and Mike Stoltz

8 minutes, 16mm, 2016

A performance film that navigates expectations of both the audience and the makers. A series of false starts. Dub treatment on the laugh track


Strange Vision of Seeing Things  dir. Ryan Ferko

14 min, digital, 2016

Time-spaces of post-Yugoslav Serbia: the empty lobby of a defunct industrial conglomerate’s headquarters in Belgrade; an unseen man describing tripping on acid during the 1999 NATO bombings; a mother and her young son visit ruins left by that same campaign. At first they appear in crisp HD, but cracks form, revealing dimensions beneath the smooth surface.


Music of Desire  dir. Kristin Reeves

8 minutes, digital, 2016

Feel the sensation of becoming suspended between pleasure and a reverse soundtrack of desire. Produced through a media art residency at Signal Culture using real-time analog video processing tools and found 16mm educational films.


The Masked Monkeys  dir. Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy

30 minutes, 16mm, 2015

The masked arts of Indonesia are thousands of years old. They are commonly referred to as wayang topeng (wayang: shadow or puppet; topeng: mask). It is believed that wayang topeng originated from tribal death rites, where masked dancers were considered the interpreters of the gods.

In the lowest rungs of Javanese society a unique manifestation of these masked traditions can be found. Its practitioners are performers, but they are not merely entertainers. Their aim is not simply to amuse. Their ambition is to be respected, to be honored, to be successful. They have embarked on a path they know will lead to a higher state, to an honorable and noble position.